About us

Interstellar Lab's
mission is to help
build a future full
of life on earth and

To do so, the team of engineers and scientists is developing and building closed-loop villages as well as the environment controlled systems and life support technologies that are needed for a regenerative life.
The company combines architecture, engineering, product design and science.
The team collaborates with international universities and institutes in scientific research in environmental science, agriculture, biochemistry, geophysics, biophysics, planetary sciences, anthropology and psychology.

Interstellar Lab
Interstellar Lab
  • Barbara Belvisi

    Barbara Belvisi

    Founder and CEO

    Barbara is an entrepreneur and investor, passionate about science, space and AI. She started her career as an investor at 23. At 27, she helped launch The Family, a Paris-based incubator and Hello Tomorrow, an event fostering scientific innovation. The same year, she founded her own asset management firm which gave birth to Hardware Club in 2015. Youngest women founder of a venture capital fund in Europe, she is in Top 10 Women in Tech in France in 2018 and Global Top 100 of Forbes. In love with nature, certified scuba diver and training as a private pilot. She played piano for 13 years. Walks, meditates and whistles everyday. Has a secret passion for cycling in the dark.

  • Can Derman

    Can Derman


    Can studies architecture at the University of Southern California and has worked in various architecture offices as part of his training. He got involved with space architecture during a project focusing on using space technologies to enhance urban design on Earth. He used to play tennis professionally and strongly believes he can host the first Grand Slam on Mars.

  • Dan Abramov

    Dan Abramov

    Systems Engineer

    Dan holds a Master’s degree in Space Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Astronomy from Northwestern University. Prior to Interstellar Lab, Dan worked on launch vehicles and spacecraft at Orbital Sciences Corporation, SpaceX, and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His student background also includes engineering research organization projects focused on NASA engineering challenges, including life support systems development. In his free time, Dan enjoys spending time outside, from scuba diving to skiing, there is so much of Earth to see before taking a trip to Mars!

  • Erato Psarra

    Erato Psarra

    Mechanical Engineer, Ph.D.

    Erato is a Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineer with a Ph.D. in Solid Mechanics from École Polytechnique, France. She is also a Safran Aircraft Engines alumni, working on the LEAP low-pressure turbine for Airbus. Passionate about solving puzzles, enigmas, and mysteries, she spends her time reflecting on behaviors and patterns and believes that she could be a great detective. She enjoys cinema, art galleries, and spending time with her friends. She takes pictures with a consistent inconsistency and freely shares her skincare routine tips.

  • Graham Gordon

    Graham Gordon

    Life-Support Systems Engineer

    Graham is a Mechanical Engineer specializing in fluid systems. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College. He worked on life support and propulsion systems at SpaceX before joining Interstellar Lab to pursue a balance between humans and plants. Outside of work, he can be found caring for his pet chameleon or tinkering with solar panels, 3d printers, and algae bioreactors.

  • Jérémy Jauzion

    Jérémy Jauzion

    Data Scientist

    Jeremy started his career working for Airbus for 6 years as an Aerodynamics Engineer, after what he went to 42 School in Paris to learn software development, his second passion. He loves breaking things down to understand how they work, dreams of flying, and spends his weekend building AI. After several successful Mars landings with the Kerbal Space Program flight simulator, he is convinced he can do the same on the actual planet.

  • Marie-Charlotte Le Morvan

    Marie-Charlotte Le Morvan

    Content Manager

    Marie-Charlotte holds a Master in Management from NEOMA Business School, France, and a Master of International Business from Rikkyo University, Japan. Specialized in Marketing, she has corporate experience in account management, media planning, and creative development, and previously worked for The Walt Disney Company, Ogilvy and Havas Media. Artistic at heart, she loves drawing and designing beautiful things. She’s also a musical theater artist, and cannot wait to sing and dance on stages all around Earth and Mars.

  • Maarten Smits

    Maarten Smits

    Plants Production Scientist

    Maarten is a Plant Production Scientist with a Master’s Degree in Biology, specializing in human and animal health, from Wageningen University & Research, NL. Passionate about nature and fueled by an innate scientific curiosity, he investigated flavivirus pathogenesis at Nagasaki University and used the baculovirus expression system to create recombinant viral strains. While he loves pipetting away in the lab, he also likes to dabble in taxidermy and hopes to bring the grandeur of life on Earth to Mars. He is also an avid pianist and drummer.

  • Matteo Devecchi

    Matteo Devecchi

    ECLSS Engineer

    Matteo holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Politecnico di Torino. He also holds a Specialized Master in Space Exploration and Development Systems. During his studies, he designed a human space habitat exploiting the lunar In Situ Resources. 50 years after the Apollo landing, he hopes to contribute to bringing the humans to live permanently on Mars. Otherwise, his main interest is football.

  • Matthieu Moineau

    Matthieu Moineau

    Computational and Simulation Engineer

    Matthieu is a Civil Engineer specialized in Mathematics. He also has a Master’s Degree in Mathematical Engineering for Data Science and Cryptography. Passionate about space, mathematics, and music, he writes science-fiction novels. Unable to optimize his free time, he currently holds the European record for density minesweeper. Convinced he will be the first man to walk on Mars.

  • Thibault Large

    Thibault Large

    Environmental Control

    Thibaut is a Materials Engineer. He has a french Engineering Diploma and a Canadian Master’s degree in Materials Engineering. Foodie, gourmand, and sensitive, easy to understand that he grew up in a vineyard between two rows of vines. Saxophone player and jazz lover you can meet him in a vaulted cellar with softened light during his free time.

  • Yixuan Yang

    Yixuan Yang

    Plants Production Scientist

    Yixuan holds a Master’s degree in Plant Sciences, specializing in Phytopathology and entomology, from Wageningen University and Research, NL. She has strong faith in protecting plants from different pathogens. She participated in a project to preserve pollinators and natural enemies by re-designing the surrounding area of a greenhouse. She wants to see a more sustainable Earth and hopes to be the first person growing fruits on Mars. In her spare time, she’s a fitness addict.